ZBs in the Media (Print & Audio).

I am commited to providing ongoing advocacy for the entire Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Rare Disease communities. 

Where possible, I endeavour to rasie awareness and improve knowledge of clinicians and patients alike. 

Below is a list of community engagement projects to date: 

1. Podcast June 2020: 'Invisible Disease - Making Connections' - Podcast Indispensable. 

2. Opinion based piece, 'Pharmacist's difficult journey through the healthcare system' published in August 2020 edition of The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's monthly journal, 'Australian Pharmacist'.

3. Blog format article published on FIL Society Lifestyle Page - December 2020: 'How I thrive & Survive Christmas With a Chronic Illness'.

4. Blog format article published on FIL Society Wellness Page - November 2020: 'How Rare Disease Has Altered My Path'.

Janna - Zebra Blends Founder x