Podcast: Indispensible - Making Connections

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to discuss chronic illness and rare disease (a very large topic) with Anna, the host of the podcast Indispensible from PharmOnline.

Jump on over and have a listen to the episode by CLICKING HERE.
It is my hope that though the power of first person storytelling, the ZBs community can increase awareness around this topic, affect some serious change and improve access to treatment and management. As well as ensure more timely diagnosis for people living with chronic, rare or invisible - illness, syndrome or disease is achieved.
I spoke about this topic from my experience of living with Hypermobile Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, whilst also giving examples of a few of the other common chronic illnesses that exist within the community. Illnesses and rare diseases / syndromes that from looking at someone you may not know they have. As it's so important to remember, not all disability is visible - and this is something we hope to make the wider community aware of.  
As alway sing out with any questions you may have.
Janna ZBs x

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